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So when exhibitors say they are more concerned about decline in younger viewers than piracy they are really missing the cause and effect factors.

Perhaps even more concerning is that piracy is becoming an embedded habit which might well persist as people age. Therefore this will eventually impact on older age groups. That would have changed with seasons getting shorter and even more importance on a good opening. Great stats Stephen. It really tells a story of what the industry needs to do. Tho my experience is that it will be a long time coming. A lot of hurt will need to happen to get incumbents to move.

Shakespeare's Theater

I find it very telling that ticket prices are going up faster than inflation. It shows a level of control is happening.

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With such control in place, you can imagine this control will want things to be status quo. And as that demographic ages, will become the bulk of the market, ie a shrinking market if things do not change. Blaming piracy is an easy out that is not the core of the matter. Cinema is not convenient or cost effective for them.

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And that is the crux of the matter from my standpoint. People do want to pay for content they want if it answers the two prerequisites. Is it convenient? Is it cost effective?

A Celebration of Arts Access for All during Women’s History Month

Look at MoviePass. But we still have the problem of convenience. Convenience is going to them, not making them come to you. This is where the hurt will be as cinemas will need to target were the young are.

Build new cinemas Entertainment and restaurant districts. It is a hard pill to swallow for the incumbents. But in the long run, it will have to change as if the head of the snake dies, the body and tail does too.

Lust for Life

Ie, a healthy cinema attendance leads to promoting all the other release windows down the line. And that effects the Studios in a massive way. Read it. Stephen Follows — 15 January […]. Name required. Email will not be published required. For readability, I have split them into four groups: Development and finance Cast, crew and production Distribution and exhibition see below Industry changes Cinemas are showing far more than just traditional movie screenings In the first half of the 20th century, there was a lot of change in what cinemas screened.


Teenage audiences are losing interest in the cinema In another challenge to how cinemas have operated in the past, young people are making up a smaller share of cinema audiences. More movies are being released theatrically than ever before In , there were films released in US cinemas; twice the number in Further reading : Three major ways movie release patterns are changing Digital releases happen before physical releases Video on Demand VOD is still evolving as a market but has been growing in importance over the past decade.

Movies transfer faster from cinemas to homes In , Hollywood studio movies were released on home video an average of days after their initial theatrical release i. Interest in 3D movies is declining 3D cinema is almost as old as film itself and we are currently living through the fourth 3D movie boom. Cinema ticket prices continue to rise — sometimes in sneaky ways Cinema tickets are rising in price faster than inflation.

Share this. Mujtaba Ahmed January 15, at pm. I would greatly appreciate it Reply. Glyn Carter January 15, at pm. RyanAndrews January 15, at pm. Stephen your research is fantastic. Much appreciated. Great stuff as always, Stephen. Keep on! Stephen Follows January 16, at pm. Hi Ryan Thanks for the support and the thoughts.

T he Director of Marketing coordinates the promotions of productions and events held by the Alumnae Theatre Company to members of the media and public. She actively works to increase the awareness of the public about the Alumnae Theatre Company. They were treated to some terrific dramatic performances - celebrated the history of our home, the former Firehall No.

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Membership Got a passion for live theatre? Join us! Alumnae is a talented and enthusiastic company of women who love theatre. The benefits are terrific. Make our firehall your Toronto theatre home!


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