The Path of Destiny

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She lunged forward and the human stepped back, but as soon as her paws touched grass she was lifted up by her scruff again, and the human forced something around her mouth; something that held her jaws tightly closed. Rosie tensed, baring her fangs as the humans walked right up to her cage. Leaping forward, Rosie sank her small teeth into his hand as it strayed too close to the bars.


The man pulled his hand back, but to her surprise, he smiled. To her surprise, the mightyena from the battle was seated not far from her. For the first time, Rosie studied her carefully, and noticed a rather strange-looking collar around her neck, one that seemed to spark slightly. It was a lot similar to hers, only it seemed…more dangerous. Rosie shuddered. Did she want to be in such a horrible place? She was back at the mountain…or was she? It seemed like the mountain, but everything around her was hazy, and she seemed to somehow be in another area at the same time.

It was almost as if the mountain surroundings were actually a thick mist which she could barely see through, and that she was really in a place she had never seen before. Snowcrystal shook her head. Wildflame nodded and was about to reply when Spark came stumbling back to the clearing, his spiky fur plastered with mud. All the vaporeon could see was sand. In every direction, there was nothing more, simply miles upon miles of sand and dunes.

Where was his trainer when he needed him?


Long gone. Miles away by now. That boy was a traitor. The vaporeon wearily stumbled across the shifting sand, ignoring the pain that seared across his scorched paw pads. He was far too dehydrated to manage even the simplest water attack, even now, when he needed it most.

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Edit September 3, This is an old short story written before things were changed in the main story such as the luxray being changed to a kabutops. Because of that, not all of this is entirely canon to The Path of Destiny. I have not made any edits to this story, but I'm leaving it up so it can still be read. Loss of a Trainer This is a short story telling about an event that took place before Spark and Stormblade met Snowcrystal.

Renegades - A Lost Generation

It was described in chapter thirteen of The Path of Destiny, but only briefly. The jolteon remembered last year fond. She and Wildflame darted forward, Wildflame leaping over the bushes and Snowcrystal crawling through them. They found Spark lying dazed near the base of a thick oak tree, his left hind leg clamped in the jaws of a metal trap.

Snowcrystal walked forward, sniffing the trap, and Wildflame pushed her aside.

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Carefully looking the trap over, Wildflame sighed. This scyther looked smaller than the one he had owned, even if only slightly so. It was also much thinner than he knew healthy scyther were supposed to be. Join the community to add your comment.

Are you on a fate path or a destiny path?

Already a deviant? Sign In. I really love this story! I admire the eloquence in your writing; the diversity represented in the cast, in terms of personality, how they interact with each other, and all the unique forms of character development they all undergo; as well as your attention to detail when it comes to creating an authentic setting within the Inari region. I dare say you have real talent for storytelling.

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  6. Now, what are your thoughts on having a page on Wikia established about The Path of Destiny? In case you haven't heard, Wikia is a fandom-oriented website where users can create wikis about preexisting forms of media to appeal to a wide spectrum of different communities. Fanfiction is one such community represented, and I would absolutely love to contribute to a wiki about this story.

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    I feel this would be a good way for fans of the story - like myself - to interact with other readers and create pages that chronicle the information depicted in the story. But it is completely up to you, as the author of The Path of Destiny, to decide whether or not you agree. I will be content with any answer you conceive. Thank you so much! It makes me so happy when people enjoy the story. It makes all the work put into writing and posting it worth it! I love when I can inspire people and make them happy. And wow, that would be awesome! I'd love that!

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    Please link it to me if you make one! Hi there! I just wanted to say ive been a fan of Path of Destiny since i was younger, and i stopped reading for a really long time and finally got back into it a few days ago! It is a path inside you that you want to walk after; it hooks to your desires and inclinations to go its way. Motivational speakers encourage people to go in the direction of their passion and whatever they enjoy. Paul had a passion for killing Christians and he enjoyed it; he was wrong even though he thought he was right. The hidden path inside everybody is charting a path originating from eternity but entering into the realm of time because your spirit and your soul are a part of the eternal part of you.

    Your body is the only part of you that is in the natural part. Apostle Paul could have been a priest if all he yielded to was the hidden path of his life.

    I wanted to be a Catholic priest because that was the closest thing to a man of God I was familiar with. My desire was swinging towards the field of my destiny.