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She starts off naive yet impetuous and headstrong. Then as events unfold she is forced to mature and grow strong in this trial by fire she endures.

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Connor, too, is an exceptional man. The pair needed a break and I was really rooting for them. It seemed each time they were going to get their chance, it was not to be and noble sacrifice was called up. Now, I might have cried my eyes out, but I also felt so much more. This was heartwarming and romantic in an understated way. Connor gave so much out of love and Amelie did as well.

Others were getting their stories in the background and I was engaged with that, too. As to the narrator, Alexis Quednau, was a first encounter for me. She had the job of French Acadian accents, British, New Englander, Native American, and oh so many characters with all that glot of emotion, too. I thought she told this one so well. She took the right tone and hit a good balance between inflection of emotion and the distance a good narrator needs so the listener isn't distracted.

So, this was a powerful story that has stayed with me afterward. I've read the author before and know this is not a fluke. Incidentally, it occurred to me after I read that the cousins Connor mentioned must be the MacDonnell family that feature in the author's earlier series I read. She has a way of making history come alive and makes one feel attached to her characters who go through so much.

My thanks to the author for the opportunity to listen to this story in exchange for an honest review. Jun 03, Lollita rated it really liked it Shelves: canadian , favorites. I loved this. The only thing I regret is waiting so long to start reading Genevieve Graham's books so far they have been delightful. Nov 19, Asheley rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobook , read , historical.

I love all of the stories that I have ever read by Genevieve Graham. When I was given the opportunity to listen to and review the Promises To Keep audiobook , I was ecstatic. I almost always find that listening to a book adds to my enjoyment of the story. The British and the French are at war, and the Acadians do not want to take sides. When they refuse, the British confiscate their weapons, their homes, and eventually their lands. The Acadian families are separated and put aboard ships, to be sent away from the lands that they love.

Little do the British realize that one of their officers — Corporal Connor MacDonnell — is not exactly sympathetic to the British cause. But she is also fiesty and independent. Her father has taught her well: to stand up for herself and what is right. With the help of Connor, the Acadians have a chance at making it. I thought, based on this cover which is amazing , that this would be a straight-up historical fiction that leans heavily on the romance.

I enjoyed the sweet romance, but I think I appreciated reading about this conflict even more because I learned so much about this event in Canadian history. I spent time looking up the background behind this story and the area and was fascinated with what I was reading. This story had great characterization and a lush, vibrant setting that was easy for me to visualize as I was listening to this audiobook. My favorite thing about the book, probably, is the setting.

I Have Promises to Keep

I spent a lot of time on this story, absorbing it all. I fell in love with these characters and truly felt like I lived this experience along with them. The same applies to the audiobook-I would relisten to the audio in a heartbeat. The narrator is French Canadian; being able to listen to her read the book authentically was delightful because I love when accents are true.

I love the way Ms.

Quednau pronounced the names of the characters and places in the setting just as the locals would have. I especially felt that connection in several scenes where emotions were heightened, whether the scene was a little on the sad side or when the action was more intense. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I purchased my own paperback print copy. Find this review and more like it on my blog, Into the Hall of Books!

Apr 03, Joy joyous reads rated it really liked it Shelves: oh-canada , s-s-canada. One of the best things I love about Historical Fiction is that it awakens a hunger in me to learn more.

Other than the brief history I needed to learn in order for me to get my Canad One of the best things I love about Historical Fiction is that it awakens a hunger in me to learn more. Other than the brief history I needed to learn in order for me to get my Canadian citizenship status; the current events, political or otherwise, my knowledge about this great country of mine is pretty paltry.

On the surface, Promises to Keep is a story about the romantic entanglement between an Acadian and English soldier. This was an especially curious interest to me the most. Perhaps it was in this resulting uncanny camaraderie that the Acadian hoped for a better outcome of the invasion. The Acadian people wanted to believe that they can live in harmony with the English soldiers. They showed little to no resistance; they fed them even. But they would soon realize that the dictates of war offer no such euphony.

The English would leave them homeless first, then confined in the bellows of a ship sailing the perilous Atlantic Ocean towards the South. Before the invasion, Genevieve depicted the idyllic life of the Acadians set in the backdrop of a lush farming land and the giving sea.

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There were conviviality and togetherness in the small population of Grand Pre. Unfortunately, the serenity would not last. Through her words, she also conveyed their hardship during the invasion.

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The more often hopelessness of their situation: the hunger, the filth they had to wade through, and their resolve to see through their plight no matter how desperate their situation. And amidst this struggle, was the budding and tremulous romance between Amelie and Connor MacDonnell.

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But given his history with the British Army, this choice soon became less of a burden but more of the end justifying the means. He was once a victim of the English invasion as well. After his entire family was killed during the war, he was left with no other choice but to become a soldier in service of the Queen.

Even if he was full of hatred for the English.

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Which is why the decision to betray them even it means his death came to him easily. Amelie was a strong woman who had to make hard decisions as well but never did she wallow or second guessed herself knowing what was at stake. I started reading this book at noon on a Sunday. I finished reading it on my ride to work the following day. Genevieve Graham rendered the most romantic landscape of the East Coast amidst the imperious haze of a brewing war. But it offered so much perspective and connection to the characters and the history.

Apr 04, Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: canadian , diverse-characters-ftw , my-poor-broken-heart , arc , own , review-book , read-in , favorites , from-publisher , historic-fiction.

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Find this and other reviews at Ramblings of a Daydreamer. I love historical fiction, and have always lamented about the lack of Canadian historical fiction. Not only was Tides of Honour set in Canada, it also featured an event I knew nothing about: the Halifax Explosion of My dad was from Shediac, an Acadian town in New Brunswick. One Find this and other reviews at Ramblings of a Daydreamer. One of his brothers is into genealogy and did thorough research on our family line, even creating a book that each family member has considering my dad was the youngest of 16 children, this book comes in extremely handy!

With new orders from the king, the Acadians' lives began to change in small ways that soon turned more drastic. I love that the story started with a view of what life was like pre-expulsion. They never lost that pride, even when they lost nearly everything else.

A Promise to Keep (1990)

The beautiful life they lived was such a contrast to what unravelled throughout the book - their family being being ripped apart, and the misery, pain, and heartache that followed. Graham did a fantastic job of weaving a story with strong characters, an engaging plot, and a sweet romance. I loved how all the different elements of the story were twined together, creating something beautiful, complex, and meaningful.