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Recent research indicates that the Cro-Magnons were also genetically the same as modern Europeans Caramelli, et al. Ultimately, there is no difference. However, according to the theory of evolution, there must be a difference, because the human brain has been a product of evolution. Thus, according to evolutionary thinking, the assumption must be made that humans living thousands of years ago would have been less intelligent and capable, since their brains had not yet fully developed.

‘They Were Us’ : Ice Age Cro-Magnon Man Finally Gets Some Respect

The problem is that there is no evidence that human beings evolved in such a manner. The transitional fossils are lacking. What the evidence indicates is that humans have always been humans. The lines which comprise the pictures are barely visible at all by ground. Historians are at a loss as to how or why these pictures were made. Some have speculated that they were made for extraterrestrials to see from space. Some believe they were for irrigation purposes. Bottom line: Cro-Magnon Man is not a missing link.

Caramelli, D. Milani, S. Vai, A. Modi, E. Pecchioli, M. Girardi, et al. Hirst, K.


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There is something mystical here, a connection between the living and the supernatural quite unlike anything we have encountered before. The Lion Man is the oldest known example of an imaginary being. The outbreak of World War II abruptly ended the excavations, which did not resume until , when they lasted for another seven years. The layer proved to be more than 34, years old. The Hohlenstein collections lay virtually forgotten in the Ulm Museum until the late s, when Joachim Hahn began piecing together some larger ivory fragments, which had come from a niche in the cave.

When Elisabeth Schmid and Ute Wolf finally completed the reconstruction in , they had pieced together an elongated carving just over 11 inches The left arm bears slanting marks that may represent scarring or tattoos. The upright posture is definitely human, but the feet seem pawlike.

They do not allow the figure to stand on its own, as if it was placed in a hole or leaned against something. Almost certainly, the figure is male, for there are no breasts. The Lion Man epitomizes the fluid mental boundary that separated late Ice Age people from their prey, for they, among the first of all humans, were aware of the supernatural realm that surrounded them on every side.

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