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This new book comprises two short stories and a novella. Although there is no indication that this book is not all new material, the two short stories, which describe how Carl joins the Marshal Service and meets his wife Louly, have been lifted practically unaltered from the opening chapters of The Hot Kid. There is some sloppy editing too: the bank robber referred to in the short stories as Frank Miller has his name changed to Emmett Long in the novella, leaving the reader baffled as to who is being referred to.

All in all, enough to put people off paying what is quite a sum for a slim volume. But Comfort to the Enemy is still pretty delicious. The novella is a touching story about Shemane Morrissey, a year-old bombshell and ex-whore who leads a quiet life in Oklahoma caring for her sick mother. Carl Webster is investigating the suspicious death of another prisoner, and suspects that Jurgen may be enough of a nice-Nazi to rat on the nasty-Nazis responsible, so he leans on Shemane to get Jurgen to spill the beans.

Elmore Leonard: the writer's thriller writer.

How the United States Defines Aiding and Comforting Enemies

This book has more than its share of dialogue to die for. Love puzzles? Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles.

Aid and Comfort

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Meanwhile, Shemane and her mother have been hiding out at a motel near Fort Smith with Jurgen and Otto, and Shemane has bought the men a '41 Studebaker for their getaway. Shemane and her mom rode in the back seat of the U.

Shemane was asked what she and her mother were doing in Fort Smith. Shemane said, "We were on our way to Hot Springs, hon.

Comfort to the Enemy and Other Carl Webster Stories

All I do is dance bare naked. McMahon said: "You told the Okmulgee police the Tedesco brothers broke into the Morrissey house looking for Shemane, didn't find anybody home and came back later, when you and Gary Marion happened to be in the house.

You accused them of having a contract to take out Shemane? How'd you know that? I thought you got over wanting to use your weapon. Gary says you egged them on. I tried to explain to Gary, when you know it's about to happen, you want to have something to say about it. What've you got him doing? That was when they drew on me. According to McMahon, Shemane planned to sue the paper for calling her home, where she took care of her mom, a "Nazi Love Nest.

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She never laid eyes on the other one, Penzler, before they showed his mug shot. And no, she did not drive them to Fort Smith. Shemane said she was taking her mom to Hot Springs for the baths, Gladys not having much pep lately. The agents thought the mother acted like she had a buzz on. Shemane said it was her mom's arteries hardening up on her. With the newspapers all featuring the escape, McMahon wondered if the two had a chance of getting away. Every Sunday they'd go to a rathskeller called the Dakota Inn and sing songs in German.

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Even knowing it's the first place I'll think of, I'm pretty sure he'll head for Detroit and hope to disappear. I like the idea of Shemane buying Jurgen a car. There wasn't one bit of evidence to place the escapees in Fort Smith, the report says, 'So agents did not make an exhaustive search at this time.

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Her leave's up tomorrow. How would that set with you? The meeting of Louly and Shemane took place in the hotel coffee shop. Shemane looked up from her club sandwich to see a redheaded woman marine approaching, coming to her table, and Shemane said, "You're Carl Webster's wife, aren't you? Louly Webster. Yeah, Carl's my husband," Louly said and touched her cheek.

Louly said, "The other cheek," and sat down with her. Louly shook her head.

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  6. He doesn't put me up to doing any spying for him. I did meet Jurgen once, at the camp. We talked through the wire fence. I liked him right away. He has a good attitude and seems to maintain pretty well. The only thing Carl told me about you and Jurgen, you said you cook for him once in a while and you don't even know how to cook.

    Carl has told F. Have your lawyer noodle that one. Or you never dreamed he was a German prisoner of war. I can't see you going to jail for being in love with a guy like Jurgen, even if he is a Kraut. She watched Shemane raise the cup to sip her tea, but there was no teapot on the table, and the slight face Shemane made told Louly it was whiskey. Shemane touched her napkin to her mouth and looked at the trace of lipstick. Carl has his own sense of right and wrong -- and I'm starting to think the way he does, see the situation as a gray area where you can justify what you're doing or not doing, and tell yourself if it's okay.

    I ask it as a marine who's been looking forward to a refreshment all afternoon. She caught the waitress's eye, raised her cup and nodded to include Louly. Louly was thinking about Carl. She said: "I'm never sure what Carl's gonna do, and I've been married to him seven years. I have a feeling he'd like to go after Jurgen, bring him back to testify at the trial. I'm talking about those Nazi killers they're holding. What'll be interesting, if they ask Carl to get on their trail. He thinks they'll go to Detroit, at least at first.

    I said, 'But if you know he'll go there, then he won't. We know they turn out military vehicles, trucks, tanks, bombers, even boats, landing craft. Carl said he'd like to see all that activity in one place. Carl said he'd vow to keep Jurgen safe till the war's over. Then you all can decide what you want to do.